Honors & Awards

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Designed an application concept for BBDO to aid global alignment with presentation & strategy

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Created a structured and elegant online presence for the new upcoming interior designer that would reflect her style and grace.

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"...an object's negative space is challenging when the object itself has a will of its own."

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Working with this group was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. I was brough on to complete the site launch, image selections, flash microsite design, video & photo art direction as well as online ads.

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"The freedom to create, without the use of a mouse, is something I would like to do more of..."

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Based off a concept, I completed a full site design to support the second season of this HBO drama series.

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"...with only two days to redesign the homepage of a major dot com company, I was pleasantly happy with the outcome while overcoming the odds."
After spending a month in San Jose, working closely with the heads of eBay, I concepted and managed a flash animated prsentation to help project the new evolution of the online giant.
A new martini glass that allows one to freely move without the worry of spilling will be in production in the fall of 2009.

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Created a modern design for a new online FT.com tool to aid in making financial decisions. Widgets, blogs, and emails were also created to support this campaign.

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Based on a concept, I redesigned this site for patients to view a more sophisticated web presesence for DePuy.
By reorganizing the order of letters, one can pronounce the entire alphabet, one syllable less.
Site designed to display updates of construction for the future WTC building.
"...my first assignment in NYC at R/GA, this was teh most efficient and talented team I have ever worked with."

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Concepted and designed to promote Verizon's introduction into fiberoptic television cables with a nationwide campaign that included online ads.

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Site designed to support the commitment FedEx has to its employee's with the Purple Promise.

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Site designed to reach young teenage girls with colorful graphics and dynamic flash transitions.

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Designed a conceptual website to bring a modern and clean approach to the main corporate hub for J&J.
Concept User Interfaces

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More than happy to create a site to help launch this box office hit with a site devoted to toys for teenagers.